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“Hie Roof” , a metal folded-plate roof blocking sheet, is effective for reducing air conditioning costs and CO2 in order to suppress room temperature rise. Reduction of rain sound / relaxation of condensation / suppression of metal fatigue due to thermal expansion and contraction of roofing material, warm keeping of winter time, etc. are also fulfilled. It is a roof blocking heat system that can be constructed regardless of whether it is new or existing.


Hie Roof is a completely new idea shut-off system that utilizes the power of nature, cool in summer and warm in winter. Hie Roof constructed on the folded board roof creates shade and suppresses temperature rise of the folded board.

Construction Example is here.

Main effects of "Hie Roof"

    • Summer Season

      Reduction of heat “Hie Roof” constructed on the folded board roof creates a shade, shields the sunlight, and suppresses temperature
      rise of the folded board.
      Suppression of heat storage Since there is a hole in the blocking sheet, the wind passes and suppresses heat storage.
      CO2 reduction By installing “Hie Roof”, reducing the temperature rise reduces the amount of air conditioning used and leads to a
      reduction in CO2 emissions.


      Winter Season

      Suppression of decline In the winter, temperature reduction is suppressed so that the surface of the roof does not become too cold at low
      Heat retention effect It protects the heat from indoors with a blocking sheet, and it also has an insulation effect.
      Condensation relief It realizes radiative cooling at night and dew condensation on the attic at the time of snow cover.


      Whole year / Other

      Heat retention effect By receiving rain and hoarding on the seat of “Hie Roof”, the rain sounds striking the metal roof are reduced.
      Suppression of heat
      It also serves as a mitigation effect of kimimi sound due to thermal expansion and contraction of the folded plate
      There is also the effect of protecting the building by covering with the seat.
  • 屋根と冷えルーフとの隙間
  • 冷えルーフ施工時と未施工比較
  • 冷えルーフ全体

Heat shielding countermeasure method comparison table

Hie Roof Heat-Proof Paint Insulation Method Roof Top Greening
Construction Area About 80% or less of the
roof area
150% or more of the roof area. (When the roof is folded board.) Equivalent to the roof area It is impossible to
construct less than the roof area.
Construction Period
(Per 1,000 m²)
About a day 5 days to 2 weeks
(It depends on the
2 – 3 days 2 days to 3 weeks
(Depends on construction method)
Maintenance Cost Almost free
(5 year warranty)
Almost free Almost free Greening  aintenance
required Water handling / Weeding etc.
Roof Load About 1〜5Kg / ㎡
(Sheet only 256g / ㎡ )
Depending on the
thickness of the paint, it is small compared to
other methods.
It is impossible by the same weight load limit as the existing roof. 20 kg / ㎡ or more
It is not possible Roof Load depending on load limit
Rain Sound ◎ It is considerably
△ It hardly changes. ◎ It is considerably
○ It is considerably
reduced. (Work place)
Adiabatic Effect ◎ The effect lasts without
○ It is effective if there is no dirt on the surface. ○ There is concern that heat will be trapped in the heat insulating material. ◎ It is highly effective at a construction site where plants are grown and moisture is contained in the soil.
Sustainability of Effect ◎It is not influenced by
dirt on the surface of
the roof, etc., which has
the same effect as after
△ Due to yellow sand, dust, fallen leaves, etc., the original effect may
be affected.
◎ If heat does not stay in the air layer between the folded plates, the effect can be maintained.
Metallic fatigue due to thickness is a problem.
◎ In the case where
regular maintenance is not carried out, the
effect may decrease.
Winter Season ◎ It has an effect of
relaxing heat retention
effect and condensation.
△ In winter, there is little effect. ○ The effect of keeping warmth is expected. ○ In winter, the effect by plants can not be
expected much, but the effect of soil as
insulation is seen in the soil part.
Uses as Repair / Protection
Because it is less likely
to be affected by dirt
and direct sunlight, the
burden on the roof is
◎ Since the roof surface is painted, it can also protect the roofing material. ◎ Due to the temperature difference between the upper roof and the lower roof, metal fatigue of the joint portion occurs, and the roof may be damaged during strong wind.
(Depends on construction method)
△ It is affected by bird damage, earth and dead leaves. Not only the roof but also the gutters and the like may be affected.

* Based on your own investigation.

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